Oh no, we don’t want this to happen!

First, check that you entered the right information (phone number, carrier) and whether this information is still correct and up-to-date. So: is the number still active, is it a prepaid number and have you selected the correct carrier (the one associated with that number)?

Checked everything, and it’s still not working? Please contact our Customer Care team. They can look at whether something went wrong on the carrier’s end (for example, Vodafone) or if the carrier does not allow the recharge for some reason. If they are not able to make the recharge, then of course, we will deposit the money back into your bank account.

If your recharge was not successful, we will send you an email to let you know. If we cannot resolve the issue for you, please request a refund (there is a link in the email we sent you) so we can give you your money back.